Online Express Networking

For Savvy Women

Our online express networking events will help you connect with like-minded business owners. The networking is free. The connections are priceless.

What We Care About

Helping Women in business build their referral network since 2010.

The Fuchsia Factory is a business networking organization. It’s also a community. A community of hundreds of business women nationwide. Since the pandemic, we have adapted an alternative but highly efficient business model where we offer a free online networking platform. And, while there is no replacement for face-to-face connection, online networking is a highly valuable option.

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What People Are Saying

Tina is an enthusiastic and supportive member of the Ottawa networking community. She makes all attendees to her events feel welcome and at ease. Her positive nature and encouraging attitude make her a pleasure to interact with.

Treena Grevatt


Tina is very creative, looking for innovative ways to do things. Very friendly as well. She is very trustworthy as well as trusting.

Christine Tripp


Tina has done a superb job at creating a top notch networking service in Ottawa. I had the pleasure of attending the Fuchsia Factory and come away with a wonderful resource and I look forward to returning. Thank you for your excellence and professionalism Tina!

Melanie Rebane


Tina has a vision for this company and has made it a reality! The first event was a huge success and Tina has created an amazing buzz about this fabulous and fresh networking event! Tina is dedicated, talented and creative! Tired of stiff, boring networking events? Check out The Fuchsia won’t be disappointed!

Bronwyn Mondoux

Creative Director

Hey, you!!

I took the leap in my early 30’s and I knew next to nothing about starting a business.

Nearly a decade later, I’ve built multiple communities and businesses, generated nearly a million pageviews to our website, sold-out hundreds of events across the nation, appeared on national TV segments, won several awards, an online education business, and so much more.

Helping you build your business and find your community has been the mission of The Fuchsia Factory since the beginning. And it took a pandemic and serious economical crisis for me to get frustrated enough to do something to help. What better time than now to begin again and help?

xo, Tina