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If you have clients or customers who are paying you to do the work for them that you do and you are at the point where the number of tasks you need to do each day is either more than you can take on yourself or you are spending so much time doing tasks that are no longer generating income – then it’s likely high time to hire a Virtual Assistant for your business.

Below I’ll share with you my top 3 steps you can take to hire your first VA or really, any new member of your team. This is my step by step onboarding process that I personally use in my own business.


I would encourage you to spend at least an entire week making a list of all the items or tasks that you currently do yourself. You can use an app for this but pen and paper would be a great alternative. Make sure you are noting every single task that comes across your desk so you can really take a good look at these items.

Many times this process will also weed out some things that we really don’t need to be doing at all. 

It’s a win-win all around.


Now that you have your list of the tasks that you are currently doing that are not really income producing activities for you, you’ll want to make a list of what you want your new Virtual Assistant to take care of for you. Please don’t skip this step because not having clear guidelines for your new VA could be damaging to your working relationship with her/him and be more stressful than actually doing the work yourself.

You’ll absolutely want to ensure you and your new VA are on the same page and ensure this happens, you’ll need to to provide them with clarity and expectations.

Here are some starting points for the VA responsibility list:

  • How you will communicate with each other (ie., email, text message, phone calls).
  • Hours of operation (yours and theirs).
  • Tasks that will be ongoing and expected due dates on those tasks.
  • All of the processes that they need to complete the tasks.
  • Expectations for checking in and attending meetings.
  • All and any other information you feel is important that they should know.

Now that you have the list of what your new VA will be responsible for, you can narrow down the skillsets that she/he will need to have in order to best help you. Will your new VA need to be familiar with how to use certain platforms such as CRMs or have any website editing experience. Is it important for your new VA to be proficient on social media or have some graphic design skills? Knowing what you need them to take on will be valuable in assisting you with writing your job posting and will also be helpful if you plan to ask your colleagues for recommended referrals.

One more task you’ll need to do is some number-crunching in terms of what you can afford to pay a virtual assistant – what do they charge per hour, what do you charge and what will your end profit be. Does this make sense to you?


Now that your lists are made and you are clear on what your new VA will be doing, you’ll need to prepare yourself for the hiring process. It’s important for you to take some time to document any processes that you currently do that will assist you with training someone to take over those tasks. So, if there are ongoing systems involved, it’s a great idea to jot them down in a document or do a quick video to cover those systems for training purposes. You’ll be glad you thought of that step.

And finally, you’ll want to reference the following prior to starting your interviews:

How many hours will you want to hire for? Day, week, month?

What is your budget?

Will you have an application for them to complete and what is the deadline?

How long will your interviews be?

What is the date you will want them to start?

Do you have a contract or need to have your lawyer prepare one for you?

What level of experience will you be okay with? Do you want to do a test project with them prior to offering them the role?

Is there a specific time-zone or country you would like them to be located in?

As you can see, there are many moving parts to consider when hiring your first Virtual Assistant or really any member of your team. It’s essential to hash through all of these details prior to jumping into a working relationship. Wouldn’t you agree?

As we close out, we feel it best to mention to trust your best judgement. We all have that sense of whether someone is or will be a good fit for us.

Congratulations on your success in your business and being in a position where you are able to expand your team to hire your first VA. We hope you get some value from this post.